Andrina Darja

Bonjour Baby

Bonjour Baby

Bonjour Baby is a participatory platform for multidisciplinary designers based in Basel, Switzerland. The project space serves as an interdisciplinary workspace as well as meeting place. Exhibition, reading, concerts, workshops and performances take place, where the contents are shaped by the needs of the users. The enabling of dialogue, intercultural and interdisciplinary networks forms the basis for new ideas to be generated. Projects can be presented and tested in a framework that elicits knowledge transfer and rethinks design mechanisms.

As a Co-founder of this project, I was involved in the concept development process as well as the project implementation from the foundational phase to the physical stage. In the team we wrote papers and held presentations to apply for foundation funds. Once the project started running I supported the team regarding art direction, curation and organization remotely from Cape Town. 

Bonjour Baby rethinks design mechanisms!


Opening Bonjour Baby, 2018 

Exhibition under the theme codex, 2018 

The project phase consists of three thematic blocks, titled COVER, CODEX and CAMOUFLAGE which trigger contemporary questions  around the concept of design.

Foodperformance at the Bonjour Baby Opening, 2018

Opening Bonjour Baby, 2018

Performance by Kinciö, 2018

Performance by Kinciö, 2018

Exhibition by photographer Samuel Braemly, 2018 

Arcitectional Intervention from the Freaktower Workshop, 2018 

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