Andrina Darja



localholic city tours generator of a different kind. The city and its inhabitants are our focus and we discover them together! This means that on our tours, we visit people who make life in Basel more colourful through their ideas and projects. Localholic creates unique moments and generates sustainable, one of  a kind experiences. 

As Project Manager, Content Creator and Tour Guide, I was fully involved in the development of the start-up and designed several captains as well as tailored products and services.

localholic City Map

In collaboration with the well known hostel YMCA and the IWB (Basel Department ofenvironmental affairs) localholic created this map centered around water in Basel. As water is a significant part of the city structure and it`s socialinteractions the map leads you to hidden spots as well as free activities alongthe river Rhine. It is designed as a give away to explore the city by yourselfbut can also be used as an additional tool that goes along the localholic city tours where a more in depth conversation with the local heroes is offered. 

Conceptdevelopment, Design and Illustration by Andrina Darja Stauffer

The Stories of the Basels local hero’s

As an allegory of our citytours, localholic created an online blog platform that tells moreabout Basels local heros. Curated in an user friendly way, the content focuses on magical hidden hang out places, project philosophies and creative crisis’ of Basels locals.

The aim was to create instant, ongoing content on a minimal budget that translates the ideaof a city tour into an online experience.

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