Andrina Darja


Andrina Darja

Cape Town based Photographer,  Postindustrial- and Process Designer Andrina Darja is driven by the power to create meaningful projects in an ever-changing environment. She is interested in subverting common narratives of representation whilst questioning and commenting on the zeitgeist through different mediums. She has her roots in design as she holds a BA in Postindustrial- and Process Design from Institute HyperWerk, University of Applied Science Northwestern Switzerland. During her Studies she focused on Art Direction as she curated and conceptualized the Mover and Shakers - Postindustrial Design Festival in 2015. In 2016 she was a part of the intercultural research project Cultural Spaces and Design – Prospect of Design education where she also exhibited her work at the closing event and Colloquium in 2017.

As a part of a creative collective she founded “Bonjour Baby”, a participatoryplatform for multi disciplinary designers based in Basel, Switzerland in 2017. 

She studied professional photography at Orms - Cape Town School of Photography. Whilst inclined towards fashion photography as a medium she is eager to blur conventional lines and work across multidisciplinary formats as an artist. Her photographic work was part of various exhibitions in Basel and Cape Town as well as the international known Art Show Scope in 2018. 

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